STROYTRUBNADZOR-SERVICE: A policy driven by quality and safety
V. L. Volkov, General Director, STROYTRUBNADZOR-SERVICE

STROYTRUBNADZOR-SERVICE Limited Liability Company (STN-S) was established in 2002 by high level professionals dealing with oil and gas facilities construction and technical supervision.

Our involvement
STROYTRUBNADZOR-SERVICE is involved in a variety of jobs relating to industrial safety and security aspects which accompany fuel and power sector construction projects, including:

  • pipeline construction technical surveillance
  • supervision of pipe, fittings, metal structures and assemblies manufacture at plants in Russia, FSU, and outside
  • examination of major pipeline project documents, equipment and installations in terms of industrial safety rule compliance
  • setting up a normative and technical base, to assist technical surveillance of construction sites, manufacturing plants as well as pipe, fittings, valves, and other storage facilities
  • "Industrial Safety and Labour Protection" - our professional training framework

Our partners
We are accepting orders from Russia's major oil and gas companies such as Gazprom, Transneft, LUKOIL-Neftegazstroy, Transnefteprodukt, to name just a few. Our partners also incorporate world majors in this segment - Kvaerner (UK), Tuboscope (Germany), Le Bouig Offshore (France), Panalpina (Hungary), Evikhon (USA), and others.

Operating coverage
We have been involved, and continue to participate in construction of various Russian energy facilities such as:

  • Zapolyarnoye - Urengoy, Northern Tyumen - Torzhok, Pochinki - Izobilnoye, Russia - Turkey, and North European gas transmission pipelines
  • oil pipelines and tank farms for Transneft and Promelitalians
  • Tolyatti - Odessa ammonia pipeline
  • Sakhalin 1 and 2 oil pipelines, Priobskoye oilfield facility construction, South Shapkino - Kharyaga line

Our partnership opportunities
STROYTRUBNADZOR-SERVICE is a progressively developing company, it has access to all necessary resources for sustainable and high-profile partnerships - the company features flexible structure and distinct functional framework, delimited areas of competence and responsibilities, high professional skills, and advanced equipment outfit. We employ the most recent technical surveillance methodologies, quality control tools, and diagnostic techniques - applied to pipeline construction, pipe, fittings, and metal assemblies manufacture.

Our professionals are involved in continued QC data analysis and technical inspection, to support pipeline construction together with pipe, valves, fittings, and metal assembly manufacture - thereby sourcing the development of new regulations and guidelines.

We are readily available for quality inspections and surveillance at all phases of energy projects - from metal mills, pipes and equipment manufacture to participation in acceptance testing and facility commissioning.

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